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Company History

NineYards.com was founded in 1997 by me, Diane Aull. I had by then already developed some pretty strong ideas about what made for a “good” web site (namely, a profitable, user-friendly site that does the job it’s designed to do). I decided then to put my skills and experience to use for a select roster of clients, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

What makes NineYards.com different? Well, to start, there’s this: when you work with me to  optimize your website, you’ll actually be working with me. I take a personal interest in each and every client. You can rest assured you won’t find your project “farmed out” to some low-level staffer.

Second, I don’t make promises I can’t keep. I will not be passing along any “closely guarded insider secrets” guaranteed to “skyrocket your site to the top.” I will not furnish you with a turn-key site sure to make money for you while you sleep, with no effort required on your part. What I will do for you: show you what you need to know to improve your site, so that with some elbow grease on your part you can have the kind of long-term, solid success upon which real businesses are built.

And third, I don’t care about rankings. If you’re here because you simply want me to help you rank higher for your “vanity” keywords, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m concerned with marketing metrics that indicate real-world progress: traffic, conversions and profits. Until we find creditors who are willing to accept ranking reports in lieu of cash, I won’t be wasting my time (or yours) on them.

Our Founder

Diane “Torka” Aull

cartoon alter ego of Diane

specializes in web site usability and marketing strategy. Her focus is on optimizing your website to maximize visibility, user-friendliness and conversions.  She believes a “pretty” website is nice, but a profitable website is even better. (And if you have one that’s both, you’re really cooking with gas!)

In addition to her duties as a moderator on the popular High Rankings and Small Business Ideas discussion boards, she is a Search Marketing Columnist at Search Engine Guide, as well as an occasional guest poster on various site optimization related blogs. You can read her own blog at BootstrapSEO.com. An unrepentant chocolate addict and Monkees fan who occasionally enjoys talking about herself in the third person, she has been known to dream in HTML.

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