About NineYards.com

Company History

NineYards.com was founded in 1997 by Diane Aull and Roseann Flickenger. We had by then already accumulated years of experience in web site design and development, and had some pretty strong ideas about what made for a “good” web site. We decided to put our skills to work for a select roster of clients, and have been doing so ever since.

Today we offer a suite of site effectiveness reports to help website owners and webmasters attain their goal of a visitor friendly and profitable web site.

Our Founders

Diane “Torka” Aull

cartoon alter ego of Diane

specializes in web site usability and marketing strategies. In addition to her duties as a moderator on the popular High Rankings and Small Business Ideas discussion boards, she is a Search Marketing Columnist at Search Engine Guide and a Contributing Writer at SEO-Scoop, as well as an occasional guest poster on various site optimization related blogs. You can read her own blog at BootstrapSEO.com. An unrepentant chocolate addict who finds it odd to talk about herself in the third person, she has been known to dream in HTML.

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Diane Aull

Roseann “Zan” Flickenger

cartoon alter ego of Zan

is an expert site designer/developer. A database integration and Macromedia Flash expert, she has wide-ranging experience, having produced many intranet applications and Web sites for a major U.S. corporation as well as successful web sites for small businesses and entertainers. Known for her clean, professional designs and congenial, easy-going personality, she objects strongly to her status as our resident Technical Goddess and absolutely refuses to wear her plastic pocket protector in public.

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